Register to an activity

To simplify the work of the organizers, we kindly ask that you:

1. Register for the activities only when you are sure of being able to participate;

2. Register only one person per registration form.

Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

Before registering to an activity, we also ask that you read our Code of conduct (English version coming soon).

Reminder: Registration for this activity is required in order to facilitate its organization. Please wait until you know your schedule (work, etc.) and make sure you are free before registering, as cancellations complicate the organization of activities and, if applicable, of carpooling and our relations with the establishments. Hasty registrations can also prevent other participants from registering. Thank you! ♡

If you need a lift, please note that your place will only be secured if there are enough cars. Thank you!

Note: there are no more happy hours before the camping, so the only method of payment at this time is by INTERAC. Thank you!

Please use the answer CAMP2019 for the $35 Interac e-transfer

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