COVID-19 and social activities

Hello everyone!

As you know, the provincial government “prohibits indoor gatherings of 250 people or more on the territory and suggests that organizers cancel all other events that are not necessary.”

The purpose of these measures is to avoid overburdening the health care system so that those most vulnerable to COVID-19 and those with other significant health problems can have access to adequate care.

Since the happy hours and the billiard are indoor events of 30-50 people (not including other clients), with a lot of proximity, and are not “necessary”, we have decided to cancel them until further notice.

Unrelated to COVID-19, the home movie activity (limited to 10 people) was already scheduled to be postponed to March 28. For the time being, this activity is maintained. More details will be available shortly.

Following the provincial government’s press conference on March 15, we decided to cancel the home movie activity as well.

Upcoming activities – April

No activities will be organized as long as the social distancing measures continue. You can refer to the guidelines issued by the government for more information on this subject.

Thank you for your understanding and take good care of yourself and others!